Since its founding in 1978, PMI Properties has closed over $500 million in office, shopping center, industry and apartment properties throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco. PMI’s most recent endeavors have focused on pioneering creative office suites in office buildings and converted warehouses.These properties have been primarily located in Los Angeles and recently in San Francisco. PMI had its roots in investing in apartments, but more recent investments have focused towards offices, creative offices and converted warehouses.

PMI was the first to pioneer a new, creative suite in office buildings with its proprietary “lifestyle suites,” which featured skylights, partial hardwood floors, designer lighting, raised ceilings, interior glass, and other upgrade features. PMI pre-built the suites in an efficient and generic floor plan that not only achieved a premium, but also rented faster than suites requiring build-to-suit modifications. PMI was also one of the first to convert warehouse industrial facilities into flex creative space prior to the Internet boom. Today, PMI’s suites are some of the most coveted creative offices on the market.  In the recession of 2009, PMI helped revive San Francisco’s SOMA  district by creating clusters of new web start-ups in its SOMA buildings including Twitter, Yammer, Zendesk, Eventbrite, and Scribd, a technology that was the subject of a 2010 Wall Street Journal article.  PMI has once again turned its attention to apartment with its new “Creative Multifamily” efforts.

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