The Affordable Housing Dilemma in Los Angeles

The market for affordable rental properties in the greater Los Angeles area has become a tricky question with an increasingly problematic solution.  If you are lucky enough to get a tip about a reasonably priced dwelling, chances are hundreds of other people did too– and you might just be too late.  The demand for affordable housing in Los Angeles outweighs the quantity that is actually available. The lack of sensibly priced rental properties has become somewhat precarious for residents.  Some people are going to extreme measures to provide what they consider as affordable housing.  One the other hand, some disagree that these properties are too small and crowded.  They feel that the landlords of these buildings are walking the line of illegal and immoral activities.  Hopefully the L.A. Housing Authority will step in and prevent this from happening again.

There are people taking the lack of space in Los Angeles to a whole new level. A person converted a single family home into multiple apartments where 44 people lived for rents as high as $500 per month.  This article explains the situation that occurred in South Los Angeles.  Check it out to read the entire story from the L.A. Times.

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