Micro-Apartments in the Big City: A Trend Builds

Luxe@Broadway 420 sq ft

Broadway@Luxe 420sq ft

Developers have begun to build micro-apartments to appeal to Gen Y looking for affordable housing in the City’s most amenity filled neighborhoods.  For example, NMS recently complete in downtown Santa Monica the Luxe@Broadway, which is composed of 300 square foot singles and 420 square foot one bedrooms.  These units incorporate boat and trailer interior technologies to create very efficient floor plans.  Surprisingly,  developers also built many 300 to 500 square foot single and one bedroom units in the early 1900s in Hollywood, Northeast LA, and around Downtown Los Angeles.  Many of the units could be re-purposed with more efficient floor plans and contemporary features.  This activity is all part of the emerging creative multifamily movement.

To learn more about micro-apartments, click here.

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