We added some desks, ping pong table, and coffee bar to one of our executive suites and received the following letter from some of our tenants that protests some of the features of the “new open office” environment.


  Many people and companies, especially outside the tech sector, have not yet embraced the open office  work environment  espoused for new offices in the LA Times article below:

LA Times Article:

A new wave of shared workplaces rolls through Silicon Beach

Office buildings are being reconfigured with open spaces where founders and employees of start-ups can mingle in a setting with a creative vibe. Pingpong, anyone?

March 07, 2013|By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times
  • A pingpong table is among the amenities at Real Office Centers’ Santa Monica location, where as many as 150 small companies can share work spaces.
A pingpong table is among the amenities at Real Office Centers’ Santa… (Lawrence K. Ho, Los Angeles…)

Pingpong tables, employees in sandals, software code scrawled on the walls, a bounce house in the lobby.

No, it’s not a Silicon Valley tech company. Rather, it’s a scene from one of several new tech-focused office buildings in Southern California where dozens of start-ups are setting up shop and sharing the work space.

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