The Use of White Board or Dry Erase Paint In Offices

White Board Paint on A Wall

White Board Paint on A Wall

Many of  our tech tenants are now specifying dry erase paint on some or all walls as part of their tenant build outs.  Dry erase paint (or white board paint) turns a wall or table or door into a surface you can write or draw and erase like a whiteboard..  We have often wondered why not just use a whiteboard.  Dry erase paint gives you  a larger and more impromptu surface to mark up and erase.  Further, we believe tenants like the novelty of the product.  A 4′ x 6′ whiteboard would cost around $185.  Although 40 square feet of Idea Paint, a brand of dry erase paint, would cost $80–you would still need to factor in the cost of installation.  Many of our tenants argue it is just paint and can be applied like paint.  However, it is not just paint. For it to work, you need to follow very specific application instructions.  By the time you figure in the cost of application, we believe the finished price per square foot would be very similar to whiteboards at the $8 per square foot range.

Our contractor uses Rust-Oleum Dry Erase Paint which cost only $20 at Home Depot and covers 50 square feet.  We believe that our tenants have had favorable experiences with this lower priced product, although there is some bad buzz about it on the web.  This article also claims success with the Rust-Oleum:

Try This: Paint A Wall With Dry Erase Paint – A Beautiful Mess.

Here is an Idea Paint whitepaper on uses of white board paint in the office.  Advocates claim that a wall that can be marked up leads to better collaboration.   Colleagues can better add to ideas left up and viewed on the wall: You can read more at the link below.

Idea Paint White Paper

3 thoughts on “The Use of White Board or Dry Erase Paint In Offices

  1. Interesting article… so are you saying that it will cost almost $50 per square foot to have the IdeaPaint installed? We did it in our offices in Dallas and it was far less than that for hundreds of square feet of writing space in our offices and conference rooms. We also started with Rustoleum because of the price but were embarrassed by the stained walls after the first week!! Next month we’re planning more and are going to go straight to IdeaPaint as the solution – we learned our lesson!

  2. Same here, Rustoleum didn’t work for our war room either, I knew that staining would be a huge issue, and the only company I found that guaranteed the wipe was DraWitPaint Dry erase paint. I’ve heard mixed reviews of IdeaPaint and it lasts longer than Rustoleum, but it didn’t stand the test of time. I was on the phone with an associate from DraWitPaint and they have walls that have marker lines from two years ago that wipes flawlessly today. When they showed me the video, I was sold.

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