Ich bin ein Creative Office

Rendering of Tishman's Creative Offices to be Built in Playa Vista

Rendering of Tishman’s Creative Offices to be Built in Playa Vista

Compare to the Exterior of Penn Station, a warehouse PMI converted in Santa Monica

Compare to the Exterior of Penn Station, a warehouse PMI converted in Santa Monica

Creative office was once considered a fad or niche business.  Now it  is mainstream.  Creative office in Los Angeles was once the purview of small developers.  Now it is in the cross hairs of every major office investor and developer in Los Angeles:  Kilroy, Hudson, Lincoln, Legacy, Tishman,

One advantage of converting a warehouse was that you  could not replicate the aesthetics very easily into a newly constructed office building.  So in some sense, the renovated warehouse had superior bones than a newly built multistory office building.

Many of these developers are now creating creative office parks fraught with common area amenities from parks, dog walks, volley ball courts, fire pits, etc.  In the tradition of new office construction, these builders are use to focusing on creating a great common area experience while the aesthetics of the suite is just an empty shell, distinguished only by its window line and views and left to the discretion of the tenant.

In the original creative office, we focused more on creating a great authentic industrial experience within the suite.  Tishman now is going to try to create that same authentic experience of a converted warehouse in a newly constructed creative office building in Playa Vista.  Tishman boasts that the new buidings will have the same features as aconverted warehouses with ceiling as high as 24 feet (and maybe bow-trusses).  See the article below.

Developer to build five office buildings in Playa Vista – latimes.com.

1 thought on “Ich bin ein Creative Office

  1. Would someone like to explain what is creative about this? I read nothing in this post that indicated what was creative? What does the writer mean by ‘creative’? Would the writer explain what creating a creative office park really means beyond designing and building an office park? How does a ‘creative’ office park generate any more ‘creativity’ than a regular office park?

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