What is Creative Office

The City of Santa Monica is now codifying into zoning their Bergamont Area Plan.  As part of that new zoning, the City will be tasked with defining what constitutes “creative office”  as opposed to “business or professional office”.  The zoning will determine who can and cannot locate in a building that is “creative offices.”  Some firms may find it unnerving that they are not considered “creative.”  The purpose of the zoning is described as maintaining the clustering of firms involved in creative endeavors.  We have an office property that will be impacted by this new zoning.  As a result, we offered our own definition to the City.


Allowed Uses:  Creative Offices shall include offices for any and all firms involved in the Creative Industries of art, architecture, advertising, design, fashion, research, entertainment, media, technology including but not limited to:


Advertising and Marketing Firms
All uses customary and incidential to the production or distribution of print, video, audio, digital and software.
Architectural and Engineering Firms
Art spaces    
Audio  Video, or Print  Recording, Editing, and Distribution
Costume, set and  Prop Production and storage involved in audio video production
Company offices for firms involved in the creation, production, sale, and distribution of goods and services
 Conversion of Services, Text, Business Practices to Digital Media
 Fashion and clothing design, marketing, sale, and distribution
Film and Media Distribution and Placement
Film Developing and Printing
Film, TV, Audio, Print  Commercial and Studio Production and Post Production
Fitness and Health products and services
Graphic, Fashion, Product, Industrial and Interior Design
Investment Banking Servicing Primarily the Creative Industries
Media Broadcasting and telecommunications facility
Multimedia equipment repair and service
Printing and Media reproduction services
Product Testing   
Production, design, development , consultation, distribution, sale, and service of software, digital, and marketing media and information technology for placement on computers, the internet, wireless devices, and other media
Research and Development
Retailing and wholesaling through the internet and other media
Sales and wholesaling of media related goods and equipment
Software and digital companies
Talent Agencies    
 Think Tanks    
Venture Capital Firms  
Video and Audio Libraries  
Video game design, production, sale, and distribution
Web design and services  




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