How to Revive Westwood Village?

Street Performer at The Third Street Promenade

Street Performer at The Third Street Promenade

People perceived Westwood Village as a distressed retail area because it has been overshadowed by the Third Street Promenade and other retail areas of the City.  As a resident, I have been delighted with the increase in local retail opportunities in the Village , including Target, Ralphs, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, CVS Drugs, and Rite Aid.  Yes, Westwood Village no longer has the weekend foot traffic or tourist draw it had in the 1980s.

I will offer one suggestion here.  The Third Street Promenade offers a number of street performers about every 100 feet.  One can go to the Promenade and experience free entertainment from singers to jugglers.  I would suggest that Westwood Village try a similar tactic on weekends.  Last week, I saw a musical group outside Starbucks next to the Village Theatre.  A large group gathered around and filled Starbuck’s outdoor seating.  It gave a verve to the area.

Here is some information on how Santa Monica regulates this entertainment:

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