Palms Is the Best Neighborhood in L.A. for Millennials


Niche Ink, a site that analyzes education data, has declared Palms to be the best place in Los Angeles for Millennials. (LA ranked seventeenth on the list of best metros, though.) In order to find the optimal areas for youngs, Niche used data including median rent and income from the Census’s American Communities Survey, as well as FBI crime stats and “proprietary Niche rankings” from surveys of college students and grads on things like nightlife and best places to live after graduation.  Niche declared Palms the number one area in LA for young people.

Many people out of college ask where the best apartment deals on the West side of Los Angeles are?  I always refer them to Palms where the rents are lower and the access to other areas is great.   When the expo line is finished, Palms will have its own station that will connect Palms to Culver City, Santa Monica, and Downtown Los Angeles.  Palms is also close to Downtown Culver City which is now filled with hip new bars and restaurants and other amenities.  Indeed, I am promoting Palms to tech companies as a good source of affordable housing for their employees.  Restaurants and bars are taking notice and moving to Palms, according to one of my young colleagues.   You can read the article below.

Palms Is the Best Neighborhood in L.A. for Millennials | The Informer | Los Angeles | Los Angeles News and Events | LA Weekly.

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