Tenants Build Their Own Partitions in New York to Beat the High Cost of Housing


In New York, young tenants build their own room partitions to create more bedrooms to facilitate sharing apartment.  The tenants put the walls up and take them down, often without the landlord’s permission.

In  New York, the trend of do-it-themselves partitioning has run afoul of building and zoning codes which prohibit such partitioning.  Partitioning in New York apartments and code violation issues are discussed in the article below.  The article also references a company who put up and takes down code compliant partitions of different types  (sliding doors, furniture walls, partial height walls) so these young people can accomplish their housing objectives.

In Los Angeles,  young millennials are locating to pricier urban areas, a trend that pushes up rents.  As a result, young urban Los Angeles tenants desire more bedrooms per square foot.

In addition to more bedrooms, Los Angeles young urban tenants also sometimes desire a partitioned office nook.  In one case, one of our young tenants split a large living room in half with screens.  One one side was the office where they worked on laptops, and on the other side was the living room with a couch, coffee table, and computer used as an entertainment center.


The Fall of Temporary Apartment Walls – NYTimes.com.

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