10 minute train ride to Downtown Santa Monica and 11 minutes to Culver City

One of the biggest complaints I get from leasing brokers is that we do not have enough parking for the new densities demanded by media, tech, and entertainment companies. Some tenants need 5, 6, or 7 spaces per 1000 square feet, yet very few buildings are even parked at 5 spaces per 1000 square feet.Westside Pavilion 1

We have finally solved the problem at one of our buildings at 10951 Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles. In addition to our 3 spaces/ 1000 square foot parking onsite, we can provide virtually unlimited parking at the Westside Pavilion. The Westside Pavilion is not even a quarter mile away from the property, less than a two minute walk; plus, it is a delightful walk past many popular bars, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Sepulvea Statipn

In addition to the abundance of parking, the property is located less than half a mile from the Sepulveda Expo Station — not even an 8 minute walk. The train ride to Culver City is only 11 minutes and Downtown Los Angeles is a quick 37 minutes. THE Expo opens on May 20, 2016, at which point the train will also go to Downtown Santa Monica and take just 10 minutes. The train runs every 12 to 13 minutes.

We currently are leasing a 4,560 square foot creative space for November 2016. The ground floor space has a great creative look and has the parking and transit that your tenants are looking for.Pico Suite 120 Pic 1


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