Construction Completes on 4234 Lockwood Apartments

We are pleased to announce the complete renovations of another apartment complex located in Northeast Los Angeles. The property includes ten units located at 4234 Lockwood. It is known for its hip atmosphere and as an up-and-coming destination for millennials. This property demonstrates PMI’s Creative Multifamily Strategy and is located just steps from  Sunset Junction’s upscale dining, wine bars, boutiques, farmers markets, specialty food stores and much more!

Creative Multifamily is a new line of small, low-rise apartments that are stylish, contemporary, playful and yet, still affordable.  Unlike many of the mega story amenity rich multifamily homes being built, our Creative Multifamily living spaces on London street offer  modernized bungalows with revamped  interiors and large outdoor patio spaces.  We stripped away the drywall ceilings in some units to expose and elaborate on the beauty of the high truss ceilings above.

Residents at properties like these are typically young creative’s that appreciate being located within walking distance of several diverse cultural amenities.

new exterior

4234 Lockwood


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