Los Angeles Councilmember Seeks to Eliminate 3% Floor for Los Angeles Rent Control Apartments and replace it with 60% of CPI

Los Angeles Councilmember Seeks to Eliminate 3% Floor in RSO
Call City Council Today and Tell Them You Oppose!
City of Los Angeles Councilmember Mike Bonin is proposing to eliminate the 3% floor that has been the backbone of the City’s’ Rent Stabilization Ordinance since 1978. His proposal calls for the elimination of the 3% floor to be replaced with a new calculation – 60% of CPI. This is part of a broader package of proposals related to housing.

The current allowable increase calculation was the result of compromise at the inception of the rent control program. The 3% floor has long existed as a safety mechanism for housing providers. It ensures they do not fall victim to costs that rise independent of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The CPI is a consumer index. It does not take into account rising operational expenses such as real estate taxes, insurance, the city’s gross receipt tax, utilities, water, sewer, waste franchise increases, pest control, repairs and maintenance, earthquake retro-fitting, painting, cleaning, landscaping, vacancies, management administration, advertising, legal costs and a whole host of other expenses incurred through operating rental housing. These costs are increasing significantly in the City of Los Angeles.

All housing providers must reach out to the council members. Tell them you oppose any changes to the allowable increase formula in RSO buildings. Let them know how it will negatively affect your ability to provide housing in the City.
Contact the City Council Today!

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