PMI Implementing New Methods to Improve Indoor Air Quality–Why is This Important?

Relevant now more than ever, research shows that a healthy and efficient work environment revolves around good indoor air quality. Over two-thirds of employees say indoor air quality has a significant impact on their daily productivity and wellness; this Workplace Wellness Study, conducted by Future Workplace, gives crucial insight into how important the workplace environment is for employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. Further, a survey by Bain revealed that safety was the second biggest factor in an employee’s willingness to go back to the office (after vaccination).

Despite this evidence, many employers’ health and wellness methods are insufficient. The key is to focus on the basics, which is precisely what we have done at PMI Properties. We continually strive to make our buildings and tenants safer during this COVID-19 outbreak. In addition to the sanitizing and social distancing signs, we have implemented the following additional programs to help prevent the spread of airborne viruses

We have installed 16 I-wave air technology in our larger HVAC units. These units are proven to sanitize odors and kill germs and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. The units produce ions that address pathogens through the coil, duct and living space, making it an active purification system. Pathogen tests using proprietary NBPI Technology show that within fifteen minutes, 92.6% of the COVID-19 virus was inactivated and at 30 minutes, 99.4% of the virus was inactivated.

We have upgraded our HVAC filters to MERV 13.  The COVID-19 virus attaches itself to droplets and droplet nuclei that are predominantly 1 – 4 microns in size. MERV 13 filters are 85% efficient at removing particulates from the air at the 1.0 – 3.0 micron range and 90% efficient in the 3.0 – 10 micron range.

For most HVAC units, we have installed eyebrow openings in the small package units or air dampers in our larger HVAC units to allow for more outside airflow, diluting the recirculated air and any potential viruses.

We have fixed all operable windows where they were inoperable. 

We are installing operable windows/doors in many suites that do not have any exterior openings. We recommend that windows be kept open to further dilute any potential viruses and promote more air exchanges during the Covid pandemic.

We have estimated our air exchange rate to make sure that the above measures are sufficient. We look at the amount of time the air in your suite is filtered per hour, mixed with new outside air, and passed thru the Iwave and then returned to the suite.

We are conducting checks of CO2 in some suites. CO2 can be used as a proxy for the adequacy of ventilation.

During this pandemic, the needs of our tenants are of paramount importance to PMI. Our goal in implementing these new programs is to ensure the highest quality standards are met for our tenants’ health, wellness, and safety.

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