Santa Monica Opens Nation’s Largest Bike Parking Center

Bicycle parking across our 1460 4th Street building in Santa Monica. Photo: LA Metro

PMI recently started a program in San Francisco where we arranged bike parking for our tenant’s employees near the BART and Caltrain.  People can park their bikes overnight in participating garages and retrieve them in the morning after arriving in the city on their transit of choice.  Then they can continue the rest of the distance to work on their bike.  This eliminates the hassle of transporting a bicycle everyday.

The trend seems to be continuing in Los Angeles with the creation of an over 5,000 square foot bicycle garage in Santa Monica.  People that choose this alternative way to commute now have a state of the art facility that includes showers, lockers, restrooms, and an area to repair bicyles.  Our 1460 4th Street building in downtown Santa Monica is conveniently located right around the corner from the facility and we are excited to have this amazing addition close by for our tenants to utilize.

Transportation Nation outlines all the details in their article here.

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