Why Tech Firms are Moving to San Francisco

In a recent San Francisco Business Journal article, Terry Cunningham, President and General Manager of Evault, a cloud back-up and recovery service, explained why the company moved its 100 person Emeryville offices to San Francisco.

Cunningham said one of the great advantages of relocating to San Francisco is that he has a “wider pool from which to recruit, because more people want to work in the city than in the South Bay, and the city is centrally located, making it easier commuting from the East Bay and other spots.”

Plus, Cunningham said San Francisco is just “hipper” than the South Bay.

“San Francisco is cool, and we were just in a wasteland down south.  There was nothing cool in the particular location we were in.  You had to get in your car to drive for lunch.”

Cunningham has been reveling in the walkabillity of his new neighborhood.  The environment, coupled with the new office’s design, makes for a “more intimate working culture, in which people get to know each other better,” he said.

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