“Not Your Father’s Pico”: New Amenities Surround 10951 Pico Building

Several new amenities have opened that are situated close to our 10951 Pico Boulevard building in West Los Angeles.  Some of them include the Landmark Theatres and restaurants and bars such as the Westside Tavern, The Wellesbourne, and Bossa Nova.  The Landmark, located inside the Westside Pavilion mall, is one of America’s largest chains dedicated to independent films.  It endorses a diverse group of foreign, indie, and, of course, Hollywood films.  Like other theaters, you can reserve tickets and seats online prior to the movie showing.

Just next to the Landmark, Westside Tavern is a modern, trendy American restaurant and bar.  Westside Tavern is the creation of Chef Warren Schwartz who is also the creator of the Saddle Peak Lodge, Patina, and Whist.

books wellesbourne

Interior of The Wellesbourne

The Wellesbourne is an old-English style lounge known for its hip, energetic atmosphere with inventive cocktails, cool furniture, and shelves of books.  Wellesbourne is packed on Friday and Saturday nights with Gen Ys, and if you’re lucky, you may even catch a live band performing at night.

Originally from the Sunset Blvd Hollywood area, Bossa Nova is now available on Pico for Westside hipsters.  It is the place to go for authentic Brazilian cuisine.  Start off with popular appetizers like cheese bread or plaintains, indulge in a hearty entree of fish or steak, and end with the Passion Fruit Mousse.

In addition to all of these newer amenities, the Westside Pavilion still includes many dining and shopping options just down the block, within walking distance of our 10951 Pico building.  With all the new and exciting amenities so close to the building, it is sure not to disappoint.  This is “not your Father’s Pico” anymore!

For more information, please check out our website.

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