Map: The hottest spots in the U.S. for startup tech jobs – GeekWire–Los Angeles Continues to Lag.


This article below from last year shows Los Angeles as low as number 10 as a hotspot for tech start-ups.  This contrasts with the dot com boom where Los Angeles was a solid four.  A lot depends on how one slices and dices data.  When you look at Los Angeles Orange County as a region, it ranks number 3 to 5 in venture funding ( depending on the quarter) according to Money Tree Price Waterhouse.  However, the rank falls percipitiously when you look at just  software venture funding as this area is driving the urban tech boom.  A recent article by Richard Florida put Los Angeles.  An article by Richard Florida, published in the Atlantic Cities (June 13, 2013), America’s Leading Metros for Venture Capital, shows the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area as number 5.

Map: The hottest spots in the U.S. for start-up tech jobs – GeekWire.

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