The Rise in the Popularity of Headsets and Open Offices


Open offices have become very popular. However, conversations or telephone calls can disturb open office users. Many open office users resort to headsets to create a quiet zone. The headphone market has exploded. Headphones and listening to white music can help the problem of noise interruption in an open office plan. Perhaps, headphones that are not complete noise cancelling are better since communication is still possible without needing the person to remove the headphones.  The open office plan allows for greater collaboration and density.  Headphones are the defacto  method that open space users use to deal with noise.  It may  be useful to tie the headsets into the phone system so workers can take calls on their headsets.   The headphones will become an integral tool in the open office plans and will be specifically designed for this use.  Do I see a joint venture between Dr. Dre and Herman Miller?

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