Creative Spaces in Both Live and Work

Can be a creative office or a creative apartment

Can be a creative office or a creative apartment

The young workers who are attracted to creative office will also be attracted to the same design features in their apartments.  The same principals that make creative office popular in the work environment will also make creative multifamily popular in the housing environment. Exposing structural elements, creating indoor outdoor space, and raising ceilings will make otherwise boring apartments cool.   In Los Angeles, many are already attracted to loft living in Downtown, Venice, and Marina Del Rey.  Adding some  of the features in creative offices to the typical apartment units that predominate Los Angeles can turn boring and tired spaces into more interesting creative spaces.  Los Angeles apartments consists of popcorn or drywall ceilings and laminate and or carpeted floors.  Adding creative space elements will instill a different vibe.  The new features may include wood or concrete ceilings, glass roll up doors, brick or writable walls, and polished concrete floors.  Creative office and creative apartments will merge into a creative space movement.  The space will be useable for both live and work, (an apartfice).  Several start-ups have rented one apartment unit for the office and others for living and working in the same complex. These small start-ups use the space interchanageably–living, working, or both as needed.  Cool space is cool space.

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