PMI Properties and Bisnow to Host Summit on the Future of Culver City, LA’s Next Big Submarket

future of Culver City

PMI Properties and Bisnow is hosting on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 a summit on the Future of Culver City:  LA’s Next Big Submarket.  The event shall take place at PMI Property’s Eastham Station at 3525 Eastham at 5pm.

Many are saying that Culver City could be LA’s next big neighborhood—connecting the Westside to the Eastside, capitalizing on its central location and historic character.  The summit will dive into topics such as new developments under way and on the horizon, challenges and opportunities in the market, and what the City is doing to promote growth!

Other issues include What’s pushing Culver City’s growth? Is it its good stock of larger creative former industrial buildings and better housing options for employees?  How will the Expo Transit affect Culver City and how will the City capitalize on it?  What would the impact of City sponsored super fiber be on business? What is happening to bring amenities to the Hayden Tract and Jefferson corridor? What business are moving to and are attracted to Culver City? What is the new media cluster all about? How will Culver City compete against Playa Vista and Downtown L.A.? What new projects are being built?

Panelists include Michael Hackman, CEO of Hackman Capital, Thomas Wulf, Senior Vice President of Lowe Enterprise Real Estate Group, Andrew Weissman,  Councilman & former Mayor, Brad Gross, Executive Vice President of DTZ Brokers, Damon Juha, Partner with Freeman, Freeman, & Smiley, and Jeffrey Palmer, Partner with PMI Properties.

For more information and tickets, see below:

Future of Culver City – Event Information | Online Registration by Cvent.

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