Solutions to Lack of Closet Space In Apartments

Many new apartments for Millennials have limited closet space. PMI has decided to provide some easy solutions to the lack of closet space. These solutions include wardrobes, clothing racks, wall organizers, curtains with racks, under bed storage, and building cabinets with sliding doors.  None of these solutions should  require a building permits


Wardrobe Classic

Ikea Wardrobe

Ikea wardrobe priced under $200

Clothing Racks
clothing rankcurtains

Hanging Branch

Wall Organizers

Wall Organizer

Ikea organizer

Metal rack for organizing clothing

Curtains with Racks
curtain rodsMakeshift Closet with Curtins

Cabinets with Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors2Under The Bed Storage:

under the bed storage

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