Announcing Full lease-up of 865 Hoover as Construction Completes on 4356 Burns Apartments

We are pleased to announce both the full lease-up of 865 Hoover (click here to read more) as well as the completion of our next five unit apartment renovation in Silverlake at 4356 Burns, close to the very popular Sunset Junction. 4356 Burns Ave demonstrates PMI’s Creative Multifamily strategy.

Creative Multifamily is a new line of small low rise apartments that are stylish, contemporary, and playful but yet still affordable.  The apartment retains the flavor of its era but with a total new creative interior.  Residents here want to walk to amenities and identify with the artistic flavor of the neighborhoods. These apartments are located two blocks from the very popular Sqirl coffee shop, a new coffee shop in this rapidly gentrifying area.

We took a property with great character on the outside and maintained it with just a bit of contemporary defined by the new landscape and fencing.

exteriorBefore Exterior

DSC04571After Exterior


Before Kitchen

Before Kitchen


DSC00617 Before Living Room

After Living Room

After Living Room


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