YUCs (Young Urban Creatives) Fuel Gentrification in Los Angeles’ Urban Core

A Young Urban Professional

 Young Urban Creative

We have struggled to define a term for the millennials that can pay higher rents to live in our newly substantially renovated apartments.  Yuppies really defined the young baby boomers who chose professions in the 80s that allowed them to live with conspicuous consumption as they pursued their careers.  Hipsters define a certain culture of monied young millennials pursuing a more bohemian lifestyle. Millennials describes the entire generation Y. Many people use the terms Millennials or Hipsters to describe the creatives that are pursuing a more urban lifestyle in Hollywood, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Downtown Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, and Koreatown.  We do not think these descriptions fit our tenancies.  We instead referred to this demographic as “young creatives” as they tended to work or pursue passions in the creative industries within Los Angeles:  tech, media, entertainment, art, architecture, music, etc.

Finally, an article in Mashable called “Death of the Hipster, Rise of the Yuccies ” has tried better to define this demographics as “Young Urban Creatives”.

These creatives choose currently to rent and want a more diverse environment close to amenities, work, and entertainment.

We invite you to read more about this demographic in the article below.

Death of the ‘hipster.’ rise of the ‘yuccie’ – CNN.com.

Note:  Can you predict a generation by what screens they prefer for entertainment:  television, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone?

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