Creative Companies Disburse From Playa Vista to Downtown Los Angeles

Creative companies are disbursing around Los Angeles. As we discussed In previous posts, the location of creative firms around Los Angeles resembles a boot. The foot of the boot stretches from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica. The shaft passes thru Culver City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Burbank/Glendale, Downtown, and Pasadena.

We can now identify the types of creative firms more likely to locate in different parts of the boot. Playa Vista, Venice, Santa Monica, and Venice attract technology, biotech, advertising and social media companies. Entertainment, media, music, and new media companies are moving back to their cultural roots in Culver City, Hollywood, and Burbank,. A prime example of this is Viacom’s planned move from Santa Monica to Hollywood. Downtown is attracting fashion, art, design and architecture tenants.  An example of this is Nasty Gal Fashion’s expansion and Gensler’s move from the Westside to Downtown.  Being in close proximity to Hollywood and Burbank/Glendale, Downtown could eventually also attract new media companies.  The techies like the beach, and the artistic crowd likes LA’s cultural neighborhoods

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