YUMPS (Young Urban Millennial Professionals)

Young Urban Millennial Professionals

Young Urban Millennial Professionals

There is a subset of millennials invading the urban core and occupying our apartments. Since many of these millennials work in the creative industries in Los Angeles, some have suggested we call them YUCs: young urban creatives. However, not all of them work in the creative industries. These young professionals also work as lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc.

OK, so why not call them Yuppies: young urban professionals. Yuppies connote the young urban professionals of the 1980s from the baby boomer generation. Yuppies were associated with the greed is good theory of that decade. In the movie Wall Street, Charlie Sheen came to represent the epitome of the yuppie who sold out his 1960’s ideology for a pasta machine and other things. We dare not mix up the young urban millennials of today with this derogatory term.

Instead, we propose the term Yumps: young urban millennial professionals to describe this new cohort that appears to be filling renovated and new apartments in the urban cores.

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