What is Creative Office?

3525 Eastham, Culver City

3525 Eastham, Culver City

Creative office is defined broadly as non-traditional office. A “traditional office” has eight to nine foot acoustical dropped ceilings with two-by-four foot parabolic or prismatic fluorescent lighting, drywall walls, and carpeted floor with three per thousand square foot of enclosed offices.  Creative offices usually have higher ceilings that are open to the structural lids; with pendant lighting; floors with wood or polished concrete; and maybe some walls with brick, block, or concrete.  Broader definitions incorporate collaborative space plans and lifestyles associated with Millennials.

PMI’s Eastham space, a converted warehouse in Culver City, exhibits the fundamental most look for in a creative office: a high bow truss ceiling, pendant lights, polished concrete floors, and cement walls on the inside of the exterior perimeter walls.

It is difficult to accomplish a creative look with low acoustical ceilings and two-by-four fluorescent lights.  Larger tech companies are more inclined to try. One tech company used numerous flags hanging from acoustical ceilings to make their space look creative.  Others have tried to accomplish the same goal by painting their walls with bright colors.

The Google space below displays high ceilings, funky furniture, bright colors, recessed lighting, and concrete floors but  keeps the acoustical tiles:

Google-Office-New-York 1

In the picture below,Google attempt  to accomplish a creative feels with higher ceilings and the placement of the desks.

facebook officesGoogle attempts a creative feel with high ceilings and a wall mural but keeps the acoustical tiles.

google new york cafeteria

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