Water Test to Find the Leak and To Make Sure It is Fixed

The recent rains have exposed the weaknesses in our roofs and drainage. Water issues abound resulting from the decade high rainfall that occurred in mid February. Experts are quick to recommend a solution: new roofs, roof sections, gutters, swails, waterproofing, french drains, etc. From my experience, I would first use a hose ,if possible, to identify the cause of the leak. You may need to expose the structure under the drywall to accomplish this task. Once the remediation is complete, I would again use a hose to test the success of the remediation. For more complex jobs, you can hire a water leak testing company.

PMI LEASES 12,717 Square Feet to Video Game Ad Network at 642 Harrison in SOMA San Francisco

642 Harrison

642 Harrison

RockYou, an interactive media company that runs in-game video ad platforms for premium brands, has leased a 12,717 square feet suite at 642 Harrison Street.

ry-logo-183-51RockYou Inc. is media a company that previously developed widgets for MySpace and implemented applications for various social networks (including Facebook). Since 2014, it has engaged primarily in the purchases of rights to classic video games, then incorporated in-game ads and re-distributed them. Per their website, RockYou’s “seamlessly integrated video advertising service enables brands to efficiently reach 75M+ consumers on Facebook, web and mobile. [They are] currently ranked within the Top 20 of comScore’s Top 100 Video Properties.” Backed by investors such as Columbia Capital and DCM Venture Partners, RockYou has seen exponential impression growth each year since 2013 and has been profiled on sites like VentureBeat and TechCrunch.

RockYou has leased Suite 300 at 642 Harrison Street; located in the center of San Francisco’s (SOMA’s) South Beach neighborhood and just off of SOMA’s commercial corridor, 642 Harrison provides easy access to the area’s housing, restaurants, nightlight, and cultural venues. The property is also in one of the few San Francisco locations that is walking distance to both Caltrain and BART. PMI purchased the building in 2012, during the recession. RockYou’s lease covers approximately 12,717 rentable square feet. The Landlord was represented by Mike McCarthy and Mike Monroe of Colliers, and the tenant was represented by Matt Hart of Savills Studley