Advertising as a Barometer of the Westside Creative Office Health

Advertising is a big part of what drives Westside Creative Office. Although 1.8% growth in 2011 is better than the 12% reduction in 2009–it is still under the 5% in 2010. The article below notes that demand, like the economy, started strong in the first half of the year and then sputtered out. Luckily for Santa Monica–tech filled in and more. Other parts of the Westside lagged. Unless tech takes on much more relevance or advertising picks up–other areas of the Westside may continue to experience more muted demand from creative office users.  The Westside has benefited from growth in digital advertising (e.g. Google Adsense, Rubicon Project) and convergence media (the convergence of media contect onto the web–think Hulu) and E marketing (e.g. Shopzilla).  Although traditional advertising slowed, digital advertising continues to flourish.